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Term 1 ( 12 weeks)

Saturday 15th September 2018 - Thursday 13th December 2018 inclusive

  • Prophet's Birthday       Tues 20th Nov *
  • Commemoration Day        * Fri 30th Nov
  • National Day        Sun 2rd Dec

Term 2 (12 weeks)

Sunday 6th January 2019 - Saturday 30th March 2019 inclusive

  • RAD Annual Ballet Exams will occur during Spring Break holiday!!! Exact dates will be confirmed by RAD London in Feb 2019.
  • Extra Spring Break Exam Classes & Mock Exams will be confirmed asap Exam dates are confirmed by RAD London.

Term 3 (11 weeks )

Sunday 14th April 2019 - Saturday 29th June 2019 inclusive

  • Ramadan commences        Mon 6th May
  • Eid Al Fitr        Tues 4th - Thurs 6th June *
  • End of Year Performance         Fri 28th Sat 29th June


  • Calendar may unavoidably change due to UAE Ministry & KHDA instructions.

  • The number of Islamic Public Holidays * each term can only be estimated. Actual dated to be confirmed Fees will reflect this estimate.

  • Any classes missed due to Islamic holidays are out of the control of DanceHorizons but may be made up with other classes or rehearsals within the same term.

  • DanceHorizons will remain open for all school half term breaks!!