DanceHorizons is one of the pioneers of dance in Dubai.

Originally known as Arabesque, (estab 1990), DanceHorizons specialises in a holistic approach to dance education, providing training for budding ballerinas, advanced dancers, future teachers and enthusiasts alike.

DanceHorizons provides a happy and supportive atmosphere conducive to learning and a place where great friendships will flourish and memories will be made.

DanceHorizons promises to nurture our students with care, from their very first lesson, then mentor them year after year, to achieve a high level of technical skill and develop an appreciation and love of the Art of Dance.

Dance training will lift the spirits, strengthen the body & stimulate the mind.

It will encourage musicality, poise and artistry through good posture and bodily communication and inspire a sense of physical and mental confidence.

The benefits of a formal dance education may be seen to equip students not only in terms of the Dance itself, but also in terms of life skills!

Let us broaden your child's dance horizons...