"DanceHorizons is like a second home, where I have gained a strong ballet education as well as discipline and support over the years. The teachers in class, the friends I've made and the lessons I've learnt will always hold a special place in my heart!"

- Michaela 2016

"Not only a place to nurture your daughter's love of ballet but an environment to build lasting friendships and where your daughter will be mentored with care year by year "

- Patsy 2011

"I started ballet when I was four years old together with five other now senior girls and friends. Little did we (or our parents) realise that once a week of skipping in our pretty little skirts waving fairy wands would become four evenings a week of serious ballet. A serious commitment, but one we wouldn't give up for the world! Nicola has taken us to a level I never dreamed of reaching. I have recently been accepted at Laine Theatre Arts and at the Northern Ballet School in England. I could never have achieved this without Nicola at DanceHorizons and feel very privileged to have had her in my life all these years."

- Francesca 2007

"Due to Nicola's endless enthusiasm and love of her profession, which rubs off on all her students, our daughter enjoys ballet as much today as she did on her first lesson many years ago. Nicola is dynamic, hardworking and fair, and all her students are treated with equal care, attention and love. Dubai is incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful, passionate and dedicated teacher."

- Jane 2009

"DanceHorizons places heavy importance on developing strong technique. This cultivates dancers who are technically sound, easily able to learn new techniques and who fall in love with the dance form regardless of body shape and cultural background. In my own batch of 2001, 4 out of 6 students chose to study dance in some professional capacity, be it business in the performing arts, choreography, performance, pedagogy or teaching.

Consistently churning out dancers who love ballet and achieve a high level of technique has only been possible due to the sheer passion and commitment of the school's leadership: our lovely 'Miss Nicola.'

If one just wants to teach their child to dance, many dance schools are available. But if one wants their child to be bitten by the ballet bug, be treated fairly, learn proper technique whilst also having fun, avoid injuries and develop lifelong friendships; DanceHorizons is the place to be."

- Devayani Dayal 2001