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"DanceHorizons taught me balance (and not just in first arabesque)! The compassionate and cheerful staff always maintain a fun and trustworthy environment whilst instilling a sense of discipline, perseverance and mutual respect in every student. I achieved growth not just in my dance training but in my ability to communicate, organise my time and prioritise my activities and studies too. DanceHorizons is a safety net where every student is encouraged to embrace their individuality and attain that which they think unattainable. So finally, when it was my turn to leap, DanceHorizons' preparation and never-ending support enabled me to soar. "

- Maxine 2010

"For six years now, I have had the opportunity to be part of DanceHorizons. It has not only been a dance school, but rather become a second home, an escape from the daily stress. The moment I walk through the doors of the studio everything that seemed to be a burden disappears. I have a lesson of dancing, laughing, being who I truly am and not only learning advanced ballet technique but life lessons worth everything. This motivating atmosphere created is not one that has just appeared, but one that the staff of Dance Horizon have created. The memories I have are endless!
As I leave Dubai, and DanceHorizons, I am grateful for the moments I have spent here. I am so happy that I have had the chance to be part of this amazing dance school. As with leaving, I leave one more place for a new dancer to become part of DanceHorizons. I am happy in knowing that someone will now have the same opportunity and chance that I have had to develop into the best dancer they can possibly be."

- Hanna 2008

"You don't always have to leave Dubai early to pursue your dreams."

- Miranda 2007

" * Miss Nicola has been there for us like a second mother every step of the way. Inspiring us, encouraging us, making ballet fun, creating a great sense of camaraderie amongst the class and yet instilling in us an invaluable sense of discipline that carries through to other areas of our lives."

- Francesca 2007